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Welcome To <The Hutt's Cartel> guild page
New Members are required to sign up and post in the new members forum.

The Hutt's Cartel is a guild created for Star Wars fans who love the expanded universe. We are now one of the larger guilds of [The Bastion]. We offer many types of fun things to do in game such as  PvP Warzones, World PvP, Flashpoints, Heroics, Operations, World Bosses and more. We specialize in being team friendly because we want our guild members to have a great time with us. Our goal isn't to goof off though, although our guild is mostly consisted of casual gamers, we also are a hardcore guild, so their are plenty of different players who might interest you more when grouping. 

We do require you to sign up and post in the forums regularly. This is to make sure that we [Guild Officers] know that your active. If you become inactive or don't go online anymore we will remove you. There is limited space so we need all the active players we can get. 

If you are a guest and were re-directed here from the Star Wars The Old Republic webpage, feel free to browse, but remember this is a guild members online page.

This is a non-payed for site and has no copyright value, but it is encouraged that you still respect it as if it were professional.

Thank you,
Daedra Karagatzu

Guild News

Flashpoint night is tonight!

Daedra Karagatzu, Feb 10, 12 1:37 PM.
members 1-20 try athiss or hammer station.

members 20-30 try Mandolarian Raiders, or cademinu

members 30-40 try Colicoid Wars, The Foundry, or Boarding Party.

members 40-50 try Red Reaper, Immediate Vengeance or any end game content.

Did you apply recently

Daedra Karagatzu, Feb 7, 12 12:41 AM.
Please remember that if you signed up recently, to please post in the new members forums. I should have confirmed your application within one hour.

Flashpoint and PVP weeknights 8:00pm to 9:30pm Arizona Time

Daedra Karagatzu, Feb 6, 12 9:03 PM.
I would like set times for players to be on. If you check here regularly and have a open schedule, please try to be on within these time perimeters. Thanks!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Daedra Karagatzu, Feb 5, 12 11:05 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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